Designer Sheath Solutions

Need a custom formulation of sheath solution? Call us (800-345-2267) with your special request, and we will give you an estimate to produce it. Minimum quantity is five (5) gallons per formulation.

Some recent preparations we have produced for researchers are:
1. Sterile HEPES/Saline 1X Solutions, pH 4.9 - 5.1
2. Sterile HEPES/Saline 1X Solutions, pH 7.5
3. Phosphate Buffers with Triton or Tween 20 - 80
4. BioSure® 8X Sheath Solution with Triton.

Designer Reagents are dispensed with or without preservatives and packaged in sterile vinyl bags or bottles 1- 4 liter, 2.5 gallon or larger containers.

Custom reagents are manufactured for research and laboratory use only and are not intended for use medically, diagnostically or for the treatment and mitigation of disease.

BioSure® Propidium Iodide now available in powder!

Propidium Iodide Powder


Propidium Iodide powder is now available in 2 x 5.0 mg bottles. Prepare the stain in your choice of buffers and at the concentration needed for your research.