Chicken Red Blood Cells

Ideal for initial standardization and monitoring of the cytometer's optical and fluorescence parameters and PMT stability. Makes peak assessment a snap.

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BioSure® Chicken Red Blood Cell (CRBCs) cytometry control is a red cell standard for use in calibration and set-up of flow cytometers (FACS, EPICS). CRBCs are prepared from chicken erythrocytes that have been processed to remove leukocytes and are fixed with glutaraldehyde. CRBCs are a useful cytometry control because these processed but unstained cells fluoresce at about the intensity as cells stained for immunofluorescence.


BioSure® CRBCs are supplied in 2.0 mL (P/N 1004) or 6.0 mL (P/N 1005) volumes. The cell count per milliliter is at least 2.5 X (10)7 CRBCs. The control is guaranteed to have a CV of less than or equal to 10% on FL2.


CRBCs are stable at 2o - 8o C until the expiration date denoted on each vial label. Freshly diluted (1:10) preparations are stable for at least 72 hours at room temperature (25o - 30o C), although longer stability has been observed when diluted material is stored at 2o - 8o C.


The recommended working solution is a 1:10 dilution of the stock solution in particulate-free physiological saline or isotonic buffered saline. This provides an adequate cell density and sufficient working solution for several days.

1. Gently mix the stock CRBCs, and add 2 drops into a test tube (13 X 75 mm).

2. Add 0.9 mL of diluent, mix and evaluate.

Typical CRBC Graph

NOTE: The flow cell of some cytometers is susceptible to clogging. Filtering the stained preparation through a 30 - 50 mesh nylon screen will eliminate large nuclear aggregates.

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Cytometry Control

Product Number 1018

Custom order Chicken Red Blood Cells are prepared quarterly and are produced specifically for customers who require larger volumes for their manufacturing. Custom order CRBCs are dispensed in one container only, and the minimum purchase volume is 40 milliliters. Pricing for larger volumes will be given upon request.


Volume: Minimum 40 mL - 500 mL per container

Concentration: 2.5 X 107 CRBCs per milliliter


Stable at 2o - 8o C in unopened container until expiration date noted on each container.


Orders must be received before March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31, for delivery in the subsequent month.